We are often asked about what “strategy” we use when handling seo for clients.

SEO is not just about “doing seo”, there is a fair amount of work involved but mainly its about risk management in terms of not breaking rules which can lead to your site being kicked off the search engines.

Put simply, seo is a long term strategy, its not just click a few buttons and in the first month you are number 1. There is no magic bullet for seo as its an ever changing landscape and the goal posts are being moved all the time.

To help us, here is a list of professional tools we use:

1. webceo.com
2. semrush.com
3. proranktracker.com
4. ahrefs.com
5. longtailpro.com
6. reportingninja.com
7. gtmetrix.com
8. onehourindexing.com

Here is the typical lifecycle/strategy of an SEO campaign:

Before Sign Up

A. We ask the client to first obtain a free seo audit for their site.
B. We then ask them to choose an seo package to fit their budget.

After Sign Up

Month 1
Start SEO health check on the site and start working on fixing the site.
Run keyword research to determine the best keywords for their campaign.
Analyse their competitors rankings.
Set up keyword tracking reports.

Month 2
Start off-site linking campaigns (backlinks).
Continue monitoring health of web site and make fixes where necessary.
Send weekly keyword tracking report to client showing their rankings.
Send weekly semrush health check reports showing the health of their site.

Month 3 onwards 
Rinse and repeat month 2 activities until we get the desired results*.
Once desired results are obtained, continue with current keywords or switch keywords.

* Usually after 3rd month we can get a feel of how the campaign is going but as mentioned already, seo is a long term commitment so you may see results after 1 month, 3 months or 6 months, but we recommend that you try and stick to a 12 month minimum with us in order for us to deliver results.

WE DO NOT Guarantee rankings, no one can and if they do, they are trying to fleece you.
WE DO Guarantee that we will work as much as possible to get results for you.

More Questions?
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